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TS1047125C3 Toshiba DC Power Jack

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Toshiba Satellite C875 C875D L670 L870 L870D L875 L875D DC Power Jack

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Toshiba Satellite C875 C875D:
Toshiba Satellite L670, L670D:
Toshiba Satellite L870:
L870-BT2N22, L870-BT3N22, L870-ST2N01, L870-ST2N02, L870-ST2NX1, L870-ST3NX1, L870-ST3NX2, L870-ST3NX3, L870-ST4NX1, L870-ST4NX2, L870-ST4NX3
Toshiba Satellite L870D:
L870D-BT2N22, L870D-BT3N22, L870D-ST2NX1, L870D-ST3NX1, L870D-ST4NX1
Toshiba Satellite L875 L875D:
L875-S7108, L875-S7110, L875-S7153, L875-S7208, L875-S7209, L875-S7243, L875-S7245, L875-S7308, L875-S7377
L875D-S7131, L875D-S7131, L875D-S7210, L875D-S7230, L875D-S7232, L875D-S7332, L875D-S7332, L875D-S7342, L875D-S7343