AS41125 ASUS DC Power Jack

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ASUS W1000, W3000, M3000N, M51VA, M51S, M6A, M6N, N60D, Z7100, Z3300AE, Z53, Z62E, Z62F, Z92T, Z93E, F3F, F3J, F3H, F3T, F3S, F5C, F5sr, F50S, F7F, F7SE, F80Q, F80, F80S, F80L, F80Cr, F81S, L2B, L2000, L3400S, A4L(Z9000), A5E, A6R, A6K, Z91F, W2, W6F, W6A, Z62E, S62E, X53S, X61 X61S X61SL X70, X70S, X70L, X70E,X82CR X82L X82Q X82S X85S R1F, R1E, PRO31J, PRO61SL, X58, X58C, X58L, X58LE, X59GL, UL20A, UL30A, UX50v DC Power Jack
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Center pin diameter: 2.5mm
Z3300AE, A4L(Z9000), A5E, A6K, A6R, W1000 (W1), W7J, M2400N, M3000N, M51VA, M6A, M6N, N60D, Z53, Z53E, Z53F, Z53H, Z53J, Z53JA, Z53JC, Z53JM, Z53JP, Z53JR, Z53JV, Z53L, Z53M, Z53P, Z53SC, Z53T, Z53TC, Z53U, Z62E, Z62F, S62E, Z7100, Z92T, Z93E, F3F, F3J, F3H, F3S, F3T, F50S, F5C, F5sr, F7SE, F7F, F80Q, F80, F80S, F80L, F80Cr, F81S, L2B, L2000, L3400S, L3800C, PRO31J, PRO50n, PRO61SL, Z91F, W2, W6F, W6A, X53S, X70, X70S, X70L, X70E, R1F, R1E, PRO31J, X58, X58C, X58L, X58LE, X59GLX61, X61S, X61SL, X82CR, X82L, X82Q, X82S, X85S, UL20A, UL30A, UX50v

* Make sure you are ordering the correct part, there are several variation for some of the models.