MS41225 MSI DC Power Jack

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MSI A4000, A6200, CR420, CR620 CR720, CX420 CX600, GX600, GX633, GX640, GX660, GX660R, GX700, GX720, GX730, E7235, EX600, Wind U100, U135DX, U230, vr321x, L1350, MS-1013, MS-1029, MS-1032, MS-1034, MS-1034, MS-1036, MS-1039, MS-10571, MS-1228, MS-1243, MS-1314, MS-1451, MS-1453 MS-16D3, MS-1652, MS-163A, MS-163C, MS-163K, MS-16372, MS-1632, MS-1651, MS-1672, MS-1681, MS-1682, MS-16811, MS-1683, MS-1688, MS-171, MS-1719, MS-1721, MS-1722, MS-1731, MS-6855B, P-600, PR400, MSI-ER710, U130, U135, U200, U210 DC Power Jack
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