Laptop DC Power Jack Repair Replacement Service

We specialize in replacing Laptop DC Power Jacks for all brands Since 2005.
Most power connectors are damaged during misuse or an accident (falling, tripping over a wire). When the power connector is no longer connected to the motherboard, the AC power adapter can no
longer supply power so the battery supplies power until it dies. When the DC power jack is loose, the most important step is to stop wiggling it and either replace it or resolder it. There is no such thing as a non-fixable laptop; it only depends on how long it would take to actually fix it.
YOU DO NOT have to replace your motherboard if the Power Connector is not working.

Our DC Power Jack Repair Service takes 24 hours. We will ship it back using FEDEX Ground.
The flat cost for the Replacement Service is $150 that includes part, labor and return shipping. Please print out a copy of the repair form and include it with your laptop.

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